Nissan Traction Control System

What really is traction control?

Ramsey Nissan would like to inform our Driver's about one of the biggest advancements along the past generation in vehicle safety. Traction Control System is a standard Active Safety Feature on Nissan Vehicles. Some may wonder - what really is a traction control system? Learn more about traction control and what it really does to protect you on the road.

Traction Control Systems improve the car's contact on the road - traction refers to the vehicles's ability to maintain friction between the car [tires] and the pavement.

Traction Control deals specifically with lateral [front - to - back] loss of friction during a vehicles acceleration. This means when your car accelerates from a stop or quickly speeds up on the road the traction control works to ensure maximum contact between the road surface and your vehicle's tires.

For In-climate Weather Driving - During wet or icy road conditions traction control will reduce the friction/traction between your tires and the road's pavement. Keep in mind your tires are the only actual thing that touches the road & the loss of friction can cause unwanted crashes.

Traction Control works opposite of ABS systems, traction deals with the process of acceleration not deceleration. You may often hear your Traction Control System working, it would sound like a slight grinding sound and feel like the pedal pulsing.

Traction ControlReal Driving Experience: It's a rainy Saturday, you are driving on wet pavement and are stopped at a light. The light turns green and you quickly apply pressure to the gas pedal. There is slick pavement under your tires and your wheels begin to spin. The Traction Control System instantly kicks in - sensing that the wheels have began to slip from the suddenly jolt of acceleration. This notification is fed back to the vehicles control unit which adjusts throttle input and applies braking force to the wheels - the TCS prevents the wheels from spinning and the car maintains a safe traction.

Traction Controls Systems are an Active Safety Measurement that helps keep your vehicle in control all within a matter of a split second. 

To learn more about Traction Control as well as other Active & Passive Safety Features on Nissan Vehicles visit our Ramsey Nissan Dealership. Our Nissan dealership is conveniently located on Route 17 South in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

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