Nissan Snug Kids Child Safety Seats

Parent’s understand how important a child safety seat is, in today’s world, you wouldn’t even consider putting your child in the car without the proper seat. However, if your child’s seat isn’t installed correctly it could risk their safety.

Nissan developed a program, Snug Kids which is an industry first designed to help Nissan drivers navigate the world of Child Restraint Systems [CRS].

Nissan Safety engineers and certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians have spent 1000’s of hours evaluating hundreds of different child restraints available on the market today. The CSR’s were each installed in Nissan vehicles. These child restraint systems included all stages from rear facing, forward facing and booster seat.

Rear-facing CRSs are built for Infants & Toddlers. All children under the age of 1 should always be rear facing in a CRS. The child should remain rear facing until they have reached the maximum weight or height that is allowed by the CRS manufacturer. Its best to keep the child rear facing for as long as possible! Forward Facing CRS are built for Toddlers and Small Children. Again, a child should not be forward facing in the vehicle until they’ve met the height or weight requirements and can no longer be rear facing.

Booster Seats are built for larger children. Once a child outgrows a forward-facing CRS (some are built to last until 70 lbs), a booster seat should be used to obtain the proper seat belt fit. Once the child has grown so the shoulder belt is no longer on the near of the face and neck and the lap belt can be properly positioned across the hips and upper thighs then they can use the seatbelt without the held of a booster.

Snug Kids Child Restraint System Tips:

All new CRSs manufactured after 9/1/02 are LATCH-Equipped (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children). These Safety Seats do not require the use of the vehicle’s seat belt for proper installation. For proper tether installation and routing for vehicles with rear head restraints be sure to check your Nissan’s owner’s manual.

When installation is complete, the installation should be checked by pushing the seat side to side to be sure the movement is less than an inch – if it is more then tightening is necessary.

For more information on your specific Nissan model, visit the Snug Kids Model Manual and see each Safety Guide Fit. This guide will give you helpful tips as to which children’s car seat will fit best in your vehicle model. Also, if you are unsure of your Child’s seat installation call your local police or fire department and ask if they have a car seat check!

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